Radical Possibilities

Radical Possibilities Mentoring Program:

Radical Possibilities Mentoring Program

Guided by principles of human dignity, non-violence, and positive youth development the Radical Possibilities Mentoring Program (RP) serves young people who are facing adverse life conditions that affect their well-being and ability to engage positively in their lives. Many youth served in RP experience poverty, social isolation, and lack of safe and supportive spaces leading to increased risk of depression and other complex mental health challenges. RP works with students who are in grades 6-12 and in the 22-23 school year piloted an elementary school-based mentorship program at two schools in the Durango School District.

Through our RP program we believe in the power of mentoring relationships to promote resilience and a sense of belonging in youth. RP provides intensive one-on-one mentoring (2-4 hrs/wk), as well as community based group activities. One-on-one matched outings are driven by the youth’s interest and consist of a variety of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, visiting the Humane Society, and doing artwork. The group component provides an inclusive environment in which youth and mentors get to experience diverse relationships, learn new things, and have opportunities to build social-emotional skills.

RP utilizes a strengths-based approach to programming and strives to empower youth to build relationships that feel authentic and meaningful to them. Having the consistent support of a caring adult in addition to a bonded peer group helps youth feel a sense of connection and belonging that improves their mental health, builds resilience, and increases their overall well-being.

RP mentors receive comprehensive training to help them build strong, healthy relationships with youth through in-depth supervision with LPYS program staff. The majority of mentors are interns, both graduate and undergraduate, enrolled in programs such as sociology, counseling, social work, and psychology who are interested in exploring future work with youth. LPYS takes great pride in helping mentors build a strong foundation in human service while providing individualized support to each mentor.

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