Collaborative Management Program

Collaborative Management Program

LPYS serves as the backbone agency for a client-centered, community-based, collaborative of youth-serving agencies, designed to serve the highest-need youth in the community. The LPC CMP coordinates the Integrated Services and Support Team, or ISST, which is a community-based "case management tool" used to address the needs of habitually truant and at-risk students facing complex need situations that require wraparound care and collaborative case management. In fy20, 34 youth participated in ISST review meetings.

LPC CMP supports youth and their families who are experiencing significant, adverse life events through facilitated, collaborative problem solving and community-based, wrap-around care and programming.

CMP and LPYS partnership programs include (a) the Integrated Service and Support Team (ISST); (b) the Community-in-Schools Partnership Program (CISP); and (c) Radical Possibilities Mentorship Program (RP).

School Integrated Service and Support Team:

School ISST's functions as an integrated service planning model, or ISST. The School ISST is a multi-agency review team drawn together to serve habitually truant, chronically absent, judicially involved, and/or at-risk students in La Plata County through community-based, family conferencing model. The core staffing team is comprised of representatives from Durango School District, Bayfield School District, Ignacio School District, La Plata Youth Services, La Plata County Human Services, Axis Health System, and San Juan Basin Public Health. Key stakeholders, including the youth and family, participate in individual service planning meetings. Some of the specific process objectives for all ISST's listed include individual case planning to support multiple-need families, engaging parents/guardians as equal partners in review meetings, case planning, and service delivery, and to create single-source access to the expertise and resources of numerous community youth and family advocacy organizations.

Additional ISST services are provided through Family Engagement Meetings and Judicial ISST's which are administered by La Plata County Department of Human Services, the Sixth Judicial Probation Department and the CMP Coordinator. All three of these multi-system approaches benefit children, youth and families in a way that if CMP did not exist, the results would be a bifurcated system and a burden would be placed on multiple systems. Only Family Engagement Meetings (FEM) and Judicial ISST's (JSST) in which more than one agency/system participates are included in the CMP population.

To refer a child or family to the CMP program please download the referral forms below. The forms can be filled out electronically and sent to Diana Ford (, CMP Coordinator.

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