About Lifeways



LPYS staff created LifeWays to incorporate outdoor programming into its Radical Possibilities mentorship model during the summer. Summer is often a time when youth may be isolated from friends and prosocial activities. To fill that gap, LPYS is providing a therapeutic outdoor mentorship program through LifeWays at no cost to youth or families where young people can safely explore their “backyard” and learn outdoor skills with therapeutic mentors and expert wilderness guides.

This opportunity for La Plata County students and families is also supported and made possible by the United Way of Southwest Colorado and the City of Durango. LPYS is a Team UP La Plata partner for our summer scholarship program. For additional financial aid services and access to all Team UP Approved Programs for the Summer of 2023 please complete and reference this application for more information!

What we do
The structure of the LifeWays program includes working with therapeutic mentors for one-on-one services in the community from May through October with a trip to the backcountry in July. The LifeWay’s program lends itself as a transformational experience for high school students looking to prepare for their next school year and the journey into adulthood. The LifeWays’ mission is to create experiences for discovery, growth, and whole-hearted change in the lives of young people and their communities. LifeWays guides support this mission in their ability to teach social emotional skill-building, mindfulness practices, and healthy relationship development for all students. LPYS is also uniquely capable of supporting youth who have a need for positive adult relationships and we have embedded this value in the LifeWays program.

Who We Currently Serve
Youth that would be a good fit for LifeWays are those that have a desire to experience the outdoors, regardless of previous skill or exposure. LifeWays is a voluntary program and relies on mutual trust to build relationships and cultivate outdoor skills. We can not facilitate any engagement in the program where the youth does not wholeheartedly and enthusiastically want to participate. Additionally, LifeWays is unable to facilitate mentorship for youth that have current extensive substance use, diabetes, or other complex medical conditions. In 2023, which is our pilot year, we plan to serve male-identifying youth, ages 14-18. However, in upcoming years we hope to expand this offering to female-identifying youth.

If interested in learning more about Lifeways, please complete this referral form through La Plata Youth Services. LifeWays or an LPYS staff member will be in touch.

For more information about LifeWays or to support any further questions please contact Chris Brown: chris@lifewayscommunity.com or chris@lpys.org or 970-422-2304.

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