Community-in-Schools Partnership (CISP) Program:

Communities-in-Schools Partnership (CISP) Program provides a wrap-around, early intervention and prevention response to the issues facing chronically absent, habitually truant, and at-risk students and their families. Programming concentrates on improving school climate and coordinated delivery of community resources in the school setting, including strategic planning for overall care coordination and behavioral health. In fy20, 232 youth received in-school individual and group counseling in 13 schools.

The CISP program is currently looking to contract with local behavioral health providers to provide in school services through CISP. Interested applicants can contact Alyssa from our staff page.

CISP works collaboratively with multiple agencies to develop a strengths-based continuum of early interventions, provided in the school-setting. This multi-systemic program is designed to help youth reach their full potential by: increasing school and community engagement; addressing underlying factors; and strengthening long-term supports and stability. CISP was developed through a partnership between La Plata Youth Services and the Durango 9R School District. With the intention to streamline access to therapeutic services and provide more in-depth, in-school support, agencies providing services through CISP include private mental health providers, The Rainbow Youth Center, The Grief Center, Alternative Horizons, La Plata Youth Services, and the schools. CISP focuses on building relationships with all people involved and places emphasis on parent/guardian participation in each process. The program will operate in six (6) schools in La Plata County and in Silverton Schools for the 2019-2020 school year. Annual strategic planning is led by the CISP Program Manager in coordination with the CMP Coordinator.