2023 Internship Program

Undergraduate-Level Internships:

LPYS provides undergraduate-level internship opportunities through our Radical Possibilities Mentoring Program. These internships are available on an ongoing basis, throughout the year, and as space allows. The internship requirement is a minimum of 12-months, and will follow RP’s programming schedule. Shorter internships may be considered, on a case-by-case basis. Does require the ability to provide transportation to youth in personal vehicle.

Internship Program Application

Graduate-Level Internships:

LPYS provides graduate-level internships, primarily to students enrolled in Masters of Social Work Programs beginning in August each year. Internships beginning at other points in the year will be considered case-by-case. Internship descriptions can be found on the application linked below however generally consist of providing school and community-based youth support to youth facing adversity at home, school, and in their community. Internships require reliable transportation and a commitment throughout the regional public school academic year.

Graduate Internship Application

If you are not a student, and are interested in volunteering with La Plata Youth Services, visit: https://www.lpys.org/volunteer.