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2023 Internship Program

**New** Graduate Internship Available:

The LPYS Diversion Program has a new internship opening! We are looking for someone in a Master's program focused on Social Work, Human Services, or a related field (counseling, therapy, criminal justice, etc). This internship will mainly focus on youth advocacy and casework within our Diversion Program where we work specifically with adolescent youth that are referred to us by La Plata County courts, law enforcement, and school resource officers in lieu of having criminal charges filed against them for a felony, misdemeanor, or petty offenses. The program is designed to provide youth with resources, support, and direction that will ultimately decrease their chances of reentering the criminal justice system. 

The intern in this position will gain experience in managing a caseload and provide individualized case management for youth based on their offense/referral. These cases provide the opportunity to practice intervention skills and assessment tools, amongst many other practices. There will also be opportunities to participate in training and classes within the Diversion program, which mainly focus on Restorative practices, substance-use treatment, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion). Other focus areas of interest for this role will also be considered (ie. data entry, grant management, facilitation, etc.)

This role will require 10-20 hours per week, depending on the Master program’s requirements and Diversion caseload. This is an unpaid position, though program-related expenses and materials will be reimbursed/provided (gas/travel for case meetings, work laptop, etc.) A monthly stipend/incentive is currently being considered. If you believe you are a great fit for this position, email Diversion Program Manager  Chris Braun your resume and a short bio explaining you, your interest in this position, and your Master's program. If you have immediate questions or comments, contact Chris at 970/844-0587.

Undergraduate-Level Internships:

LPYS provides undergraduate-level internship opportunities through our Radical Possibilities Mentoring Program. These internships are available on an ongoing basis, throughout the year, and as space allows. The internship requirement is a minimum of 12-months, and will follow RP’s programming schedule. Shorter internships may be considered, on a case-by-case basis. Does require the ability to provide transportation to youth in personal vehicle.

Internship Program Application

If you are not a student, and are interested in volunteering with La Plata Youth Services, visit: https://www.lpys.org/volunteer.