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For Women's History Month, we interviewed Katy Pepinsky, LPYS Executive Director, about the meaning of this month to her personally and how this year's theme, "Women Promoting Healing Promoting Hope," relates to her work at LPYS. We encourage you to take a look at the unique events being hosted by the Women's Resource Center for Women's History Month in Durango. Also, the Ignacio Community Library is hosting an author visit with Margaret M. Kirk who wrote, They Persisted, a book about the little-known women who had a big impact on the women's right to vote movement.

What meaning does Women's History Month have for you personally?
This month, and all year, I believe it is important to recognize the contributions of the women who came before us, as well as the countless women we work alongside who make our communities and the world a better place. I am particularly grateful for the women in my life and one of those women is my Mom. My mom focused her career in academia on women's studies and supporting the goals of women, girls, and other marginalized genders. As a result of my mother's lifelong pursuits, I strive to incorporate the values I learned from her when leading staff and supporting youth programs at La Plata Youth Services. I continue to find inspiration from the women around me and celebrate the meaningful contributions of women in society this month and all year long.

This year's theme is "Women Promoting Healing, Promoting Hope." How do you feel your work at LPYS relates to this theme?
Women's history month provides the opportunity to acknowledge and reflect upon the contributions of women. At La Plata Youth Services we currently host 18 staff, the majority of which identify as she/her. While we encourage diversity and welcome the contributions of any gender in our organization, I am inspired by the women I work with as clients, staff, Board members, volunteers, and interns that bring varied strengths in perspective, experience, and skills to our collective work. As is celebrated by the theme of Women's History Month in 2022, our organization, and the women who are a part of it, are incredibly dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of our team, and the youth and families we support.

What message(s) do you want to share with young girls for the future?
You are a valued member of the community and you have so much to contribute to the future! At La Plata Youth Services, we aim to build a community in which everyone is supported and has the resources and support they need to strengthen their wellbeing as well as engage positively with their community. We also address the inequities experienced by all genders by providing individual and systems-level advocacy, as well as culturally competent services and care. Learn more about our youth-focused programs at lpys.org!

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